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    What sedation scales do you use at your hospital? Do you use a certain one to just monitor sedation from medications given for pain? The RASS scales looks like it is more relevant for patients that have had general anesthesia.

    LaTrecia Kasting

    “We use the POSS (Pasero Opiod Scale) for our patients with an Epidural. Pain Scale for IV, IM, and PO medications. We use the Modified PADSS assessment in Recovery for our C-sections in PACU.


    We use the Ramsay? It was in Cerner and new to us when we launched them- I am not familiar with it as my OB dept does not do any sedation on our unit. We send them to PACU for that.

    Suzanne Ritter

    We use the Aldrete Score with Recovery/PACU and a simple pain scale for IV, IM and PO pain meds. This may not be of any benefit since the post is old but wanted to post anyway.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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