Centricity™ Perinatal Web module

Centricity Perinatal Web module enables viewing of the fetal monitor strip via the Web. This technology allows quick access to the fetal strip via a tablet from virtually anywhere1— when and where you need it. You can view the strip, record a comment, and review annotations, whether inside or outside of the hospital. The module helps you increase your efficiency and optimize communication between caregivers, ultimately helping you to make faster, more informed decisions to enhance patient care.


  • HTML5-compliant browser engines used in Safari®, ChromeTM, and Internet Explorer® 10 and later
  • Compatible on PC, tablet, and smartphones with screens of 4 inches or greater


  • Quickly and easily access fetal strip via your device from virtually anywhere
  • Access information to make timely decisions, whether inside or outside of the hospital
  • Helps optimize communication between caregivers
  • Helps optimize your efficiency and enable more informed decisions

Centricity Perinatal Web module

  • Provider and Group are available in the directory and the details view
  • When Patient Details page opens it displays the patient’s most current data


  • View the fetal monitoring strip
  • Review annotations documented on the fetal monitoring strip
  • Record a comment on the fetal monitoring strip

Key features

  • View active fetal monitoring data for your patients
  • Review historical fetal monitoring data for your patients across multiple visits
  • View annotations made in Centricity Perinatal, Centricity Perinatal Connect module, or Centricity Perinatal Web module
  • View documentation made in your HIS/EMR system and transmitted to Centricity Perinatal via a discrete data interface
  • Search for patients by name, ID, bed, provider, or group

Web Annotation Comment

  • Annotations made within Centricity Perinatal Web module can also be viewed in Centricity Perinatal and the Connect module.


  • Annotations can be accessed from the fetal strip
  • Annotations are displayed in chronological order regardless of the source of documentation.
  • Web Summary View-Displa yof latest documented values of key clinical information

Centricity Perinatal Web Module Streaming View – Physician and Group Display

Annotations Viewer in Centricity Perinatal Web Module

Web Summary showing the latest charted data