Fetal Strip Analytics

Centricity™ Perinatal Fetal Strip Analytics

It’s like a second set of eyes when you need it most

Centricity Perinatal Fetal Strip Analytics, an add-on module to the Centricity Perinatal Connect module, is a clinical decision support tool. Analytics helps with risk mitigation on Labor and Delivery by providing an automated analysis of fetal heart rate patterns. It supports your pattern recognition and analysis at the bedside and presents visual cues when waveform patterns indicate issues that might need clinical interventions.

Centricity Perinatal Fetal Strip Analytics enables surveillance of:

  • Fetal Heart Rate – baseline and variability over a 15-minute time frame using NICHD definitions
  • Decelerations – decreased fetal heart rate of
    at least 15 BPM and between 15 seconds – 2 minutes
  • Uterine activity – frequency and duration, peak intensity and resting tone along with MVU calculation

What sets us apart with our Fetal Strip Analytics is:

  • No gestational age limitations
  • Site license
  • Backed by the power of GE Healthcare Centricity Perinatal Connect Module

Fetal Strip Analytics

Provides on-demand information about your patients to help you prepare for most situations. The Fetal Strip Analytics can feed directly into patient documentation, once reviewed by the RN, so you get the information and documentation you need to help you provide excellent patient care. It accrues data up to 24 hours from initiation – and allows you to request analytics retroactively for up to 24 hours. The flexible summary function enables users to review data in expanded view or historical shade.

Data integration

Centricity Perinatal Connect module supports a high level of workflow interoperability by integrating perinatal information in context with other clinical data continuously on one screen. The system interfaces with multiple devices. The result is a consolidated view to help you make faster, more informed decisions, and enhance your workflow and patient care.

  • Document in the EMR while viewing the fetal monitor strip at the same time
  • Access information as you need it – view the whole strip or focus on just one short time segment
  • Review annotations charted in other systems on the fetal strip, while using a bi-directional interface
  • See trends by reviewing compressed data of the current and historical fetal strip on one display

Web access

Centricity Perinatal web module allows quick access to the fetal strip via a tablet or a remote device from virtually anywhere with an internet connection. You can view, comment, and review annotations inside or outside the hospital – where and when you need it.

50 Million Babies – and counting

In an environment where every second counts, Centricity Perinatal delivers peace of mind knowing you’re relying on a system that has helped deliver over 50 million babies. Centricity Perinatal
was created with critical input from perinatal clinicians and technologists who understand the specialized workflow within Labor and Delivery, PP, NSY, and NICU. Designed so users can focus on their patients rather than the computer, Centricity Perinatal has been helping clinicians deliver their best care to every mother and baby for more than two decades.

Our track record of excellence and trust is only half the story, though. Centricity Perinatal is also a smart investment as you look ahead. In 2017, GE Healthcare was named one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Health1 by Fast Company magazine – an honor that reflects our company’s dedication to developing transformational medical technologies and services that are shaping a new age of patient care.

Centricity Perinatal. It’s the technology that has helped define clinical standards in fetal monitoring for over 20 years and helps position you for the advances in fetal monitoring in the future.