An extra set of eyes on quality

CentricityTM Perinatal Connect module

Centricity Perinatal Connect puts the fetal strip with your EMR on one screen.

Lives can change in a heartbeat when it comes to perinatal care. With the Centricity Perinatal Connect module, it’s like having an extra set of eyes on your patients.

Delivering an emerging level of workflow interoperability, the module integrates perinatal information in context with other clinical data including the fetal monitoring strip—continuously and on one screen. This enables you to see your critical perinatal information and enterprise EMR clinical data at the same time—helping to make faster, more informed decisions, and enhance your workflow and patient care.

Centricity Perinatal Connect module with annotations

Active surveillance with Centricity Perinatal

  1. Dock for accessing Centricity Perinatal – Connect module
  2. Historical Shade can display a condensed view of entire pregnancy
  3. Compact views of current fetal monitoring strips
  4. Patient Directory button to select which patients’ data to view
  5. Expanded view of patient’s record
  6. Time Continuum for viewing annotations
  7. Your EMR of choice or other system

Perinatal information flows freely from Centricity Perinatal Connect module into and out of your enterprise EMR, in an integrated view, so there is no need to document in both places.

Unlike other Labor & Delivery solutions, you won’t have to trade off ease of use for enterprise EMR integration. You’re provided with a proven and robust Labor & Delivery solution, advanced fetal surveillance on a historical time continuum, and the ability to document on the fetal monitoring strip with two way data flow to your enterprise EMR. Clinicians can also review this information remotely.

Centricity Perinatal Connect module provides:

  • Innovative,continuousunobstructed visibility of up to four fetal monitoring strips from different units on one screen while enabling bi-directional documentation in your enterprise EMR or other system
  • Distinctiveside-by-sideviewofthefetal strips on a historical time continuum throughout the pregnancy
  • Research-driven,contemporaryuser interface designed to optimize usability and workflow

In an environment where every second counts, Centricity Perinatal Connect module provides you peace of mind knowing you’re relying on a system that has helped deliver over 45 million babies. It helps your clinicians deliver their best care to every mother and baby.

Key Features

  • The Fetal Waveform Assessment Tool is provided to help users with the assessment of the fetal strip. The Fetal Waveform Assessment Tool provides a visual guide with options such as baseline, 15 x 15 accels, 10 x 10 accels and variability.
  • The Centricity Perinatal – Connect module Dock lets you select patients from the Patient Directory and displays compact views of each patient’s fetal monitor strip.
  • Pinorunpintheapplicationtocustomize your view. Pinning the Connect module fixes the Dock to your desktop and resizes open applications in the remaining space, allowing applications to remain visibleon the screen.
  • ToolTipsshowyoupatientnamesand event times so you know exactly when an event happened and to whom.

Key Features

  • Historical Shade initially displays up to Applications 72 hours of patient data and can display a condensed view of the entire pregnancy. Live data continues to stream in the expanded view.
  • Annotations are displayed in the same minute in which they are displayed on the patient record. Time Continuum aggregates and displays data from multiple sources on a rolling timeline for correlation with the fetal waveform.
  • Centricity Perinatal – Connect module is able to receive patient selections as part of context sharing with only specific EMRs that support our xml-based mechanism. A visual indicator on the Dock and Expanded View will indicate which patient is in context. The user will have the ability to display the patient in the Expanded View with one mouse click on the Dock.
  • A dark alternative background is available for customers who are familar with this Fetal Monitoring strip coloring


  • Document in the EMR while monitoring laboring mothers at the same time.
  • See information in one place at one time—without having to search other hospital systems or paper files.
  • Access information as you need it—view the whole strip or focus on just one short time segment.
  • Review annotations charted in other systems on the fetal strip, whether or not a fetal monitor is connected.
  • See trends by reviewing compressed data of the current and historical fetal strip on one display.