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    LaTrecia Kasting

    Our physicians document their notes in CPN which are sent to Meditech via interface. We love it, their notes take 5 minutes to interface instead of waiting for a dictation to be typed out. My problem is that our current forms relate mostly to Labor and Delivery. The physicians have expressed the need for Antepartum documentation. Is there anyone who has this type of forms (documentation) already built that would be willing to share screen shots?
    Thank you.

    Carrie Snider

    LeTrecia – can you send me your email address so we can send you the screenshots? I’m having a little trouble getting them to post on the site.

    LaTrecia Kasting

    Again, putting this out there. Our Physicians document all there notes in CPN. It goes to Meditech via an Outbound interface. I need to update our Physician CPN documentation to include more Antepartum documentation per their request, but they are not sure what they want. We have the old database so everything we have for Physician documentation I have had to build. Could someone please send me screen shots of what they have built for Physician Antepartum documentation notes?
    My e-mail is if someone has trouble downloading them here. I appreciate any help I can get.
    Thank you!


    I just emailed you some screenshots of what we use for our physicians. I hope it helps.

    Constance Berks

    Karen, Could you please email me those screenshots as well?

    Thank you in advance

    Suzanne Ritter

    Would you mind emailing me the antepartum screenshots when you have time. I would truly appreciate it.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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