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    Dawn Hippert

    Our MCH unit is purchasing new labor carts and we are trialing a cart with dual monitoring. This will allow viewing of the fetal strip and charting on the second monitor. GE has told out IT team that this can not be done. Is anyone else using dual monitoring in this capacity?

    Shannon Judd

    My facility was told the same thing recently.


    If one monitor is for the thick client, the other monitor for a separate cybernet (or wireless computer), this can be done. We have fixed the number of times a user can be logged into a citrix client to one, but that user could log into the thick client workstation also. I think the issue is the one computer; you cannot ‘move’ a strip onto one screen and then chart on the other. With two computers, the thick client can be left logged off and display the default current user (the tracing for that room) and the nurse could chart on the citrix session on the other computer. The trick is that you will need two computers, not just two monitors.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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