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    Is anyone using a CCD form document from Centricity. This is for Meaningful use….continuity of Care Document that will be sent to Physician/Provider once patient is discharged from the hospital with a summary of care.
    Meditech has a third party they will be using to provide this service. I called Centricity and they said they do not have this service. Want to know if anyone is currently working with this through Centricity to provide the CCD form to Physician.
    At the moment what would need to be done is send the discreet data from Centricity to Meditech and then Meditech would have to send out.
    Just wanted to know if anyone had a way set up to send right from Centricity to Provider.
    Any information would be helpful..
    Thank you

    Tony Gelardi

    We built the CCHD documentation into CPN and RNs and Resp therapists complete and then enter the results into the Maryland online system. We outbound the results to Pediatrician offices along with the discharge summary.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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