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Suzanne Ritter

Hi Marina and CPNUG,
I am a nurse working in IT as the CPN System Manager. My experience is in adult ICU and Case Management so I wasn’t even aware that the Fenton was purely for pre-term infants. Thank you so much for you reply. We have updated our Fenton to the 2013 versions and have added the WHO Growth Charts Boy/Girl to the Nursery side (from the GE Infobyte). However; the Nursery nurses are stating that the WHO Growth Charts that I just built in CPN (created from GE Infobyte) are not for Newborns and should be used for Pediatric patients only. The infobyte itself states it can be used for Newborns unless I am reading this wrong. Would love some comments regarding this. Can these growth charts be accurately used for Term Newborns? Does anyone else use them? Thanks for your time!!

Info that is on the GE Infobyte –

WORLD HEALTH Org (WHO) growth charts
This infobyte outlines changes with the growth chart configuration that took effect as part of the Centricity Perinatal CPN 6.96 SP2 release. The configuration adds newborn growth charts to the newborn nursery documentation utilizing data sets from the World Health Organization (WHO) Child Growth Standards. The reference curves (data sets) for the WHO Child Growth Standards World Health Organization 2006 were reproduced with permission: WHO child growth standards: length/height for age, weight for age, weight for length, weight for height and body mass index for age: methods and development World Health Organization 2006. Sites who manage their own configuration may use these instructions to modify their configuration.